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What is IELTS?

The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is a widely accepted test of the English language and accepted in many foreign universities and institutions all over the world, especially across Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and the USA. IELTS Score The scores of an IELTS examination are assigned, in terms of bands, and the range of the score is from 0 to 9 in which the 0 score is given to the least performing, and 9 bands is given to the expert in the language. The passing score of the candidate or the minimum score requirement will depend on the University to which the candidate has applied or the immigration program through which he is applying for selection. However, a score of 6 is a competent score and is the least required score at most of the places. The test is usually conducted in the above-mentioned 4 categories and a candidate has to qualify in all.

IELTS Test Components

The test has 4 components even as the total time taken to complete the test is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

  • Reading

    The IELTS Reading test contains 40 questions.

  • Writing

    The writing component consists of 2 parts, one is Academic and the other one is General.

  • Speaking

    There are three parts of the test and are in the form of an interview.

  • Listening

    The test has 40 questions of 40 mark.

IELTS Program Details at Groovy IELTS Institute

Important Tips & Tricks for cracking the IELTS Examination: It's a myth that one must have a very good background in the language to do well in the test. It's not true! Even if you don't have a good background, you can do well with regular practice and the right approach. We share with our students the various tricks and tips to do well in the exam and score high bands.

  • Speaking Skills: It's vital to perform well on this aspect and our instructor ensures our students become reasonably good in this.

  • Listening Skills: It's also critical to comprehend and decode what you hear and so we equip our students do well in this by giving them the necessary coaching and training in this.

  • Reading Skills: Yet another vital cog in the IELTS test exam scheme of things, we cover it in the best possible way for

  • you, so that you are well covered, and do well on this component of the exam and get high bands as well.

  • Writing Skills: It's the toughest section for most students. And, so we cover the aspect in detail for you, so that you do well in this component also and score high bands to get high overall IELTS scores.

  • Doubt Clearing Sessions: We ensure that none of your doubts related to the IELTS test exam remain unanswered and unattended by answering all your queries and removing all of your doubts related to the crucial language test. Number of Sessions & Class Duration: We offer three sessions daily at our state-of-the-art center.

  • Flexible Timings: We have flexible coaching timings to make certain that our students caught up with different time schedules are not inconvenienced, and they get training as per their convenience and availability.

  • Custom-made Coaching: Our coaching is especially crafted towards attending to the minutes of details and tailor-made as per the specific language backgrounds and grasping skills of our students.

Why Groovy IELTS is the best IELTS coaching center in Bathinda?

Groovy IELTS is considered the Best IELTS coaching Centre in Malwa Region. There are a variety of factors that makes Groovy IELTS the Best IELTS Coaching institute in Bathinda.

?Comprehensive IELTS training program

An all-encompassing IELTS program means it covers every aspect of the IELTS exam. By the time the students are done with our IELTS training they will be fully aware of each and every aspect of the IELTS test. This inside out understanding certainly gives them the edge they need to crack the IELTS examination

?Quality Instruction by Leading IELTS Experts

We have with us the best minds in the domain of IELTS test prep. All our trainers are well trained and experienced. We don’t TEACH, we mentor, guide and work with you.

?Excellent Materials covering all Aspects of the IELTS Exam

No training program will achieve its ultimate goal of getting excellent scores unless and until sufficient study materials are provided. Updated study materials are provided for the students to complement what is being taught in the classroom

?Trustworthiness & Reliability

Groovy IELTS as a brand is a symbol of trustworthiness and reliability. We guarantee excellent IELTS scores as we have enormous confidence in our faculty and programs. All our faculty members have been in the test –prep arena for so many years and all of them have produced excellent results.

?Flexible Training Programs

The IELTS coaching programs at Groovy IELTS are carefully designed to meet the demands of our assorted clientele. We have weekday program, Weekend program, one-on-one program and limited group tutoring program. The flexibility of our programs helps students, professionals & even housewives to attend our programs hassle free.

? Evaluation and Feedback

Constant feedback and evaluation is very important for gauging the progress of an IELTS student. Evaluation is mainly done for mock tests and essays whereas speaking module of the language proficiency tests like IELTS requires constant feedback.

? IELTS Mock Tests

Completing a real IELTS test paper from the past or taking a simulated IELTS Exam is the best way to get a handle around the standardized real IELTS tests. We provide tons of real tests from the vault.

? Value for Money

Our IELTS coaching programs are priced reasonably to make it accessible and affordable to our prospective students.

? Promises Delivered

We believe only in promising what we can deliver. If something is promised it will be delivered. There are no hidden terms and conditions.

?Continued Assistance

Our association with our students don’t get over with their completion of the IELTS training. Our students approach us for doubt clarification, feedback, essay evaluation and even further help in IELTS registration

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